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Windows & Doors

Dodgy salesmen, cheap plastic windows with one opener each....yellow front doors that have faded in the sun.

Sound like a familiar Double Glazing Scenario?

Forget these cliches Admiral.

Firstly: We offer Aluminium, PVCu and wood window replicas such as the Evolution Range, as well as our unique Timber Windows and Doors.

Secondly: We do not employ pushy double glazing salesmen (or anyone pushy for that matter). Believing that you are knowledgeable and mature enough to tell us what you want whether that be a bow window or a folding door. Nobody needs a 'hard sell' on a particular range that probably benefits the supplier more than yourselves.

Last but not least: We believe strongly that the way that we go about our business is as important as the end result. Even if you are only considering a single patio sliding door or one timber window. From talking to our trained Designers through to our Customer Support Team and vastly qualified Installers, you will be met with a courtesy and professionalism that you thought had disappeared years ago.

Timber, UPVC, Aluminium, Evolution, Sash Windows and doors