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Evolution Windows

If you thought you would never buy PVC windows it may be time to think again!

The Evolution of the PVC window has been a slow process. Since the early eighties plastic windows have dominated the replacement window market by offering a combination of high security with practically no maintenance.

Over the past few years however, things have started to change. Clients sometimes ask for 'anything but' PVC. This represents an understandable desire for individuality in an age where everything can appear disposable...plastic to some people conjures up images of mass produced white shiny frames...albeit with fancy locks!

Admiral has moved fast to capitalise on the demand from more discerning and affluent homeowners for 'different replacement windows and doors'. Having introduced a hand made timber range and aluminium frames there was still something missing in the product offer. The company found that although many clients preferred wood, they could not always afford the hefty price tag that comes with such a labour intensive window or door.

Hence the introduction of the Evolution Window System.

Evolution Window SystemPremium Evolution Windows & Doors CambridgeshireThe Evolution Window has a maintenance free core that is cleverly covered with white wood-grained foil that looks just like a timber frame painted with micro-porous paint. The mullions and transoms are mechanically jointed and shadow grooved by hand just as with timber frames. This eliminates the ugly welds that so many people reject on plastic window frames. In fact the Evolution Window is the first PVC window in the United Kingdom to extend this jointing to the outer frame as well. This window is called Storm and can be specified with old fashioned wrought iron handles and lots of hand finished detailing to a clients personal taste.

Evolution Georgian windows always have external Georgian bars rather than glazing frets inside the sealed units. The bars are hand applied in a workshop to avoid corruption of the bonding and to achieve the best possible finish. This attention to detail permeates the whole Evolution range. Old fashioned opening stays, Monkey tail handles and float bar French door mechanisms enable clients to make their windows and doors identical to wood.

The Evolution Window makes the debate on Wood versus PVC for replacement windows a lot more interesting.....