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Timber Windows & Doors

We are designers, and installers of a unique of range of timber windows and doors. Unique because they not only look entirely traditional, but have been specifically engineered to provide better insulation, higher security, more reliable performance and longer life expectancy when compared to PVCu.

21st Century standards of security, stability & insulation without compromising visual appeal...

Multi-layer timber sections with opposing grains, balances warping and combats twisting

The use of multi-layer timber is long established in Britain for long span timber structures in demanding environments such as swimming pools and bridges. In common use on the continent, but very rare in Britain, is the use for window and door sections. This multi-layer structure is particularly effective in resisting warping and twisting as the opposing grains even out natural moisture movement. And It is the twisting of timber during wet weather, more than the swelling itself, which causes windows and doors to stick. Multi-layer timber sections are used as standard throughout our range.

Exceptional optical clarity

Advanced glass technology not only provides enhanced thermal performance but also much improved clarity of appearance, particularly compared to traditional hard coated low e glasses. High light transmittance (77%) maximises the entry of natural light into the home.

Glazing units almost twice as effective as ordinary double glazing. All products are glazed as standard with double-glazed units which incorporate an enhanced thermally insulating glass to provide an extremely low U-value. We further improve the efficiency of the unit by filling the cavity with argon gas and using low conductivity spacer bars to minimise edge losses. The result is a 1.1 W/m2K centre pane u-value. This means an 80% increase in energy savings compared to single glazing, and a 45% increase in energy savings compared to ordinary double glazing.

Internal beads for security

Glass is fitted from room side to prohibit would be intruders from gaining entry by removing the glass.

Warm edge spacer bars

Low conductivity spacer bars further help to minimise heat loss and combat condensation levels on the inner pane.

Drainage and ventilation channels help prevent double glazing from misting

Drainage and ventilation channels protect against the failure of double glazed units which occurs in conventional systems when glazing units are allowed to sit in water that has become trapped within the frame.

Factory applied micro-porous coatings provide maximum protection with minimal maintenance

Factory painting prior to assembly best protects timber from moisture absorption and is essential for longevity. All our products receive a base coat of timber preservative, then a primer coat, followed by two coats of micro-porous paint. Broadly speaking one should expect our coatings to last from five to eight years without the need for re-treatment. Redecoration itself is a very simple task as there is no sanding down or preparation required. An average window should take about thirty minutes to re-decorate.

Available in Softwood, Hardwood or Oak

And finished in any RAL colour, or even your own choice of stain to create the exact look required.

Sliding Sash Windows

Some may be lucky enough to own a property where they feel that 'ordinary' PVCU windows will not look attractive enough to enhance their home.

Older properties, particularly Victorian houses, still have the existing sash-box windows. Some of them are still in working order. Most however are in dire need of repair and in the worst cases will not even open leaving the householders pleased that our summers are not longer.

Whereas it is all too easy to locate a PVCU window supplier, the same cannot be said for sliding sash windows. An old-fashioned craftsman or specialist joinery company is required and they certainly will not come cheap! In a recent study it was found that the fitted price for an average sized Georgian sash window replacement in hardwood was over 2500.... per window!

The Admiral Sash Collection is probably the finest sash sliding window that you can buy and has the advantage of being maintenance free!

To view the Admiral Sash Collection, you will have to visit our showroom as the display windows are too heavy to get in the car. Alternatively e-mail or phone for a free information pack. Visit our timber website for more on wooden windows and doors.

Building Regulations for Windows and Doors

In England and Wales building regulations Part L, and its accompanying Approved Document cover issues relating to the conservation of fuel and power.

Suppliers must prove that their windows meet the minimum energy efficiency requirements of U2.0 for wooden and PVC-U frames, and U2.2 for aluminium frames as of April 2002.

Admiral are a FENSA registered firm and will take care of all aspects of the building regulations on your behalf. Peace of mind when you are asked for your home information pack.